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The Affiliate Program for Website Banners

Our Affiliate Program will be of interest if you control a website which has primarily South African visitor traffic.

Perhaps you have occasionally wondered how you could turn that into a revenue stream that would generate a worthwhile income. Maybe you've looked at, and even tried, different affiliate programmes which have not been all that fruitful. And you've concluded that those programmes may have failed because there is simply not enough focus for the sale to be made.

Our success is based on the fact that we sell a good and unique product: R30 to R50 buys 1 to 4 family names searches through over 100,000 court records. But we hit a marketing problem in that South Africans are generally unaware of the existance of the 30 year state funds and don't know that a searchable database exists. These systems are in widespread use in the United States, the UK, Europe and Australasia.

So product awareness is the issue for us, and websites with South African visitor traffic generally direct good traffic to us. We need your help, and in return are offering you....
    - a free subscription to UnclaimedMoney
        (giving you two year search rights on 4 surnames)
    - first level referral commissions from a website link
        These commissions extends down five layers which means that
        the commissions multipy quickly back to yourself as word spreads.

That's an offer with absolutely no downside, and an opportunity to search on your own family names with the added bonus of the affiliate / referral income afterwards.

So, what do you need to do is........

  1. Click on "Buy a Search"
  2. When the screen "Personal Details" comes up
        - note your ID number (print the screen)
        - and back out here (don't carry on...)
  3. Call up the page:
  4. Follow instructions to copy back the chosen banner and HTML code for inclusion on your site.
    Remember to use your ID code for referrals.
  5. Mail us at info@unclaimedmoney.co.za
        - quoting your ID code and
        - giving the webpage address with the UCM banner or text link
        - and request the free subscription to be activated.
  6. We will then mail you to confirm that the account is active.
  7. You will then be able to:
        - search on your chosen names
       - view your referral and downstream income
       - see, by name, who is purchasing from your link
       - and request payout cheques.
The UnclaimedMoney link can be promoted in newsletters and direct mailing by simply including a hyperlink with your user code correctly referred. Details are on the ClickBanner page...

We trust that you'll soon agree that this is one affiliate program that really does work. It certainly does for other website owners.!


    and HTML code.


  You can use the following form to..........
        after setting up the Banner Link to UnclaimedMoney.
Your Full Name:
Your E-Mail Address
ID Referral Code
Website URL containing the link to UnclaimedMoney
including page reference.

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