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How it Works...

    Step 1 - Click on Buy a Search
    Step 2 - Fill in your personal details.
    Step 3 - Select your Number of Searches     R30 - one Surname
    R40 - two Surnames
    R50 - four Surnames
    Step 4 - Complete the Creditcard procedures    
    or   Pay by Bank Deposit
        (details will be emailed to you)
    or   Pay by mailed Cheque
    Step 5 - Use the QuickScan tool to check the    
                      database to select the best surname for your
                      detailed search. You can make an unlimited
                      number of searches with this tool.
    Step 6 - Run Your Detailed Searches
    Step 7 - Claim Money due to you using the procedures
                      suggested in the "How To Claim" section
    Step 8 (Optional) - Promote the website to friends and
                      associates using your User ID as the Referral Code
    Step 9 (Optional) - Access the R.C.P. Member Services to
                      check your commission income and claim payouts

Interested in where the data comes from.? How to interpret the results.? Access the Membership Help Files and Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

Are you concerned about submiting your credit card information across the internet ? Click here for more details.

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