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The Commission Referral Programme Rules

  1. The commission rate is set at 25% of the purchase price paid for a search.
  2. The referral commission will only be paid if the purchaser provides the referral code when purchasing his search.
  3. The referral commission will be equally divided between the five people in the direct vertical chain of referrals which led to that particular purchase.
  4. You may view your account balance at any time.
  5. A record is kept of the individual transactions which make up your account balance and these transactions may be viewed subject to a R5 charge against your account. This is levied to discourage frequent downloads of this data which drains computer resources and slows the search functions for other users.
  6. All account balances over R1000 are paid out monthly on the 20th of each month.
  7. All account balances over R250 are paid out quarterly on the 20th of March, June, September and December.
  8. Anyone with a balance in excess of R100 can request a payout which will be processed within seven days of that request, but subject to an administration charge of R25 if more than one request is made in any six month period.
  9. All payouts are made by cheque, are drawn payable as per the details on database record, and are despatched by post to the member's address as submitted.


  10. Payments for a search entitles a subscriber to repeat that search (on same details) at any time during a two year period.


  11. Any complaints that we receive with regard to members issuing spam mail related to this website will be communicated via e-mail with a request to exercise extreme care in terms of spamming. This would constitute a spam warning.
  12. We reserve the right to suspend any member who, in our opinion, continues to generate spam mail after receiving a spam warning.

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