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How the Commission Referral Programme Works

We pay a referral commission of 25% to the 'referrers' of each search purchased. This could be a simple, single 25% payment made by us to you from the proceeds of the person to whom you have just recommended the service. Some people are uncomfortable with that very direct result and they feel it might be interpreted as a compromised recommendation in terms of the conflict of interest. Understandable.

So we prefer to offer the commission 'backwards' up the referral route to the five people who have each referred each other. To illustrate this; you purchase a search for R 40. The referral commission of 25% amounts to R 10. Divided by five that comes to R 2 each. The person who referred you receives a R 2 credit to their account, the person who referred that person receives a R 2 credit, and so on until all five have each received their R 2

Not very exciting, you may conclude. Perhaps! But let's examine two scenarios.

  • In the first, you refer the service to 7 people who each purchase a R 40 search and you are paid a simple 25% commission for the referral. You would receive a total of R 70 for your efforts and that would be that.
  • But the tiered referral commssion model with the little R 2 credits would probably net you about the same if the 7 sell to 7 and so on for 5 levels ! Right ?
    Wrong, very wrong !
    It would nett you A LOT MORE !   R 39 214 more, to be exact !

Much more interesting, and we hope, much more motivating for you.


You can now Proceed to Search
or Read On Below for More Info on the R.C. Programme.


If you introduce someone to the UCM website, and they purchase a search using your referral code, then 25% of their purchase amount goes to a commission pool. An amount equal to 20% of that commission is immediately credited to your Referral Commission account, 20% is credited to the person who introduced you, 20% goes to the person who introduced that person, and so on until five people "up the commission tree" have each receive their 20% of the commission amount. In effect, you receive 5% of the purchase amount. When the person you introduced in turn introduces someone else, then you will move back to position two, but will still receive your 5% of their purchase amount. This continues until there are five people between you and a new purchaser, at which point you will receive no further commissions.

It stands to reason that the more people you refer the service to, the more chances you have of those people introducing and starting productive threads. Perhaps some will die out, and perhaps some will turn out to be extremely productive.

But it is extremely important that you ensure that anyone who signs up uses your referral code. We recommend that the referral code is appended to the URL (website address) when it's given out and we encourage people purchasing searches to use a referral code if they have in fact been referred.
    eg. http://www.unclaimedmoney.co.za/index.asp?ref=274635

In short:

  • Visitors who purchase searches with your referral code will have 5% of the purchase price they pay credited to your account.
  • Anyone they introduce will also pass a 5% commission of their purchase price to your account. This will continue until there are five people between your original sale and the latest purchaser.
  • We will pay out your commissions based on the rules detailed below.
  • You can check your account balance at any time.
  • You can view the list of transactions that accumulated your balance.

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