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Help and Frequently Asked Questions

  Where does your database come from ?  

These records were inputted from the last 30 years of Government Gazetted published information. If a court cannot find the beneficiary then the funds are transferred into the South African Guardians Fund where they lie for 30 years. The information is published in the Government Gazette at the time of the transfer. At the end of the 30 year period, if still not claimed, the funds will be forfeited to the state.

The source of the claims themselves come from:

  • Deceased estates
  • Liquidations and sequestrations
  • Company dividends

  Why are some records obviously duplicated ?  

The records are normally published three times. Our data capturers tried to make sure there were no duplications but court clerks sometimes made spelling errors or gave slightly different claim details in subsequent publishings. For safety's sake we have retained those records.

  If I find funds here, does that mean I'm about to inherit ?  

Not necessarily !

You need to be the person with the strongest claim to the funds and will need to give a sworn statement at some time to that effect. If you know that another relative is the true claimant then you should pass the information to that person.

It may also happen that the funds have already been claimed as a result of the publishing in the Gazette. We have no way of knowing what has been claimed.! However, if you have the strongest claim, then you would still have a claim against the person who took the funds. The Master of the relevant court would provide you with the necessary information.

  I searched on the GZORTBLOT surname but got no result !  
  I know there are unclaimed estate funds - Why a null result ?  

Not getting any results on a name means simply that in the last 30 years, no funds were transferred into the SA Guardian's Fund in this name.

However, there is a lot of inconsistency and error in the system and two things could have happened:

  1. The funds transfer and claim could be in the name of a person who is a known beneficiary. This surname would not necessarily be the same as the surname of the deceased person. This is not supposed to happen, but it does.
  2. The beneficiary name could have been misspelt, either by the court clerks, government printers, or our data capturers. Our investigations suggest the former to be the most culpable, but we must accept that there are misspellings.
This is pretty much why we provide the QuickScan Search facility.

We would suggest searching on common misspellings and on the surnames of people who may have been named as beneficiaries.

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