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Some surnames with claims between R 50 000 and R 100 000 .............          Clarke,   Woodward,   Couzens,   Chambers,   Petro,   Thomas,   Dungey,   Halton,   Mphelo,   Seidach,   Maras,   Schneider,   Besley,   Perry,   Koen,   Graham,   Lawson,   Taylor,   Kischel,   Besley,   Maake,   Martin,   Kotze,   Martin,   Gibbon,   Nkosi,   Raubenheimer,   Cilliers,   Lockhat,   Harris,   Cox,   Johnson,   Bachman,   Oosthuizen,   Hallard,   Mollo,   Human,   Lemmer,   Hugo,   Byrne,   Jager,   Rhodes,   Ushakoff,   Soonia,   Blackstock,   Hodge,   Leppan,   Collins,   Gavish,   Capelli,   Dana,   Schneeweis,   Valleris,   Blumberg,   Peyi,   Esbach,   Ramgobin,   Lucchesi,   McGregor,   Hassan,   Ramngobin,   Ramnorani,   Pooljariah,   Dee,   Ismail,   Smith,   Blumberg,   Beltrami,   Kirton,   Mellman,   Klug,   Ntombela,   VanNiekerk,   Mesatywa,   Pretorius,   Subramony,   Vermeulen,   Molibelili,   Willis,   Strugnell,   Florsheim,   Schloss,   Kope,   Kelly,   Animal Welfare,   O'Keefe,   O'Keeffe,   Williams,   Van Niekerk,   Hall,   Kelly,   Neveling,   Seonandan,   Lohr-Mietzner,   Hira,   Groblerhuman,   MacDonald,   Folkersz,   Kruger,   Tabelon   Investments,   Capelli,   Steyn,   Odendaal,   Thomson,   Lombard,   Cluer,   Hamoir,   Samshan,   Klug,   Thomson,   Ngobese,   Mndonca,   Pieters,   Lothring,   Avers,   Prinsloo,   Reymond,   Engelbrecht,   Van Der Merwe,   Nelson,   Chapman,   Dumont,   Hamoir,   Duncan,   Ramlagan,   Rambaran,   Baruth,   Duki,   Laga,   Buys,   Wyngaard,   Ngcobo,   Lind,   Van Rooyen,   Reid,   De Wit,   Carter,   Sawin                ..............................
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    !!   R 151 million unclaimed   !!


The South African legal system provides that estate proceeds and other unclaimed monies are held in custodianship by the State for thirty years before forfeiture.

This website provides you with access to a database of over 100 000 such records, representing over R 150 million in unclaimed funds, for as little as a R30 fee. You can also benefit from our Referral Commission Programme which provides the opportunity to earn back in commissions many times your initial search fee.

The Procedures are relatively simple.   You buy a search, use the QuickScan tools to research the surnames you wish to search on, and then run your Detailed Search on those surnames to find the necessary claim details.

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You now have membership of the UCM website and whether you find an inheritance or not, you could still earn substantial commission from referring others to this website.
Use our handy Referral Commission Calculator to see how those commissions add up when the referrals are passed on.

We're often asked about the source of this data. Primarily, it is from the published South African Government Gazette records. These unclaimed funds will derive from unclaimed estate awards, estate distributions, unclaimed comany dividends, unclaimed court awards, the Third Party Accident Fund, the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and distributions from insolvent estates and liquidations. Other ad hoc sources of unclaimed monies are added as provided.

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